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Summer Conditioning

We have finalized the details for the preseason conditioning program that will have us prepared for the start of the high school volleyball season. As many of you are aware, we at Poway High School do not use our season to get into volleyball shape, but we do work ahead of time to come into the season at a high fitness level. During the tryout process we use many different tests to determine what team, if any, you are going to make at Poway and fitness is one of the big ones. I know some of you guys do workout at the gym but the work we will be doing during a 6-week training session will be geared toward our sport. 



Dennis White has been a multi-sport athlete his whole life. He graduated from SDSU with a B.S. in Kinesiology and has many certifications (NASM CPT, PES, CEX, and FNS). PES stands for performance enhancement specialist and is designed for sports specific conditioning programs. PES is a great certification for training athletes! CEX is a corrective exercise certification designed to rehabilitate and prevent overuse injuries. FNS is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist which is great overall knowledge on sports nutrition. He also holds another nutrition certification from NASN, and ACE CPT (certified personal trainer). Dennis has been a personal/group fitness trainer for the past 9 years. He owns his own studio called The Wellness Studio of Santee.  Dennis also does in home training as well as local parks and beaches. He does Corporate Wellness with Johnson N Johnson and Hologic. For the last 2½ years Dennis has worked at Orange Theory Fitness in La Jolla and Mission Valley gaining experience with large fitness classes. However, he recently resigned from Orange Theory due to an increase of hours at Johnson N Johnson. Dennis eats, sleeps, and breaths fitness. He is confident in his ability to develop others to the best of their potential. He is excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with the Poway Titans.



This program is scheduled over 6 weeks of training. The price will be $140 per girl for the entire program paid at the first workout (which computes to roughly ~$7/hr for training). Unfortunately there will NOT be any refunds for missed sessions. Please note: each session has now been extended to 1½ hours instead of the previous 1 hour and 15 minutes. This 15 minute increase on each session is adding 3.5 more workout hours to our conditioning which is why the summer price has slightly gone up.



At the first meeting, on Wednesday, June 1st, please bring a $140 check, made out to Dennis White, and a signed waiver form with you (see waiver attached to this letter). 


Please note the days, times, and locations on the chart below. Times vary throughout the summer so please mark accordingly in your calendars!

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