2021 Poway's Pre-Season Clinic

WHAT: Titan Girls Volleyball High School Pre-Season Summer Clinic

WHEN: July 30 - August 1

TIME: 8am-11am 

WHERE: Epic Volleyball Club, 13955 Stowe Dr., Poway, CA 92064

FOR WHO: Our camp is open to all teen girls (ages 13-18) from any high school who want extra training before their season's tryouts.

WHY: This high school camp is an opportunity for players to review skills and learn some new techniques, while also getting back in to conditioned volleyball shape, to help prepare players for the beginning of their high school season. It's an excellent way to get in great reps and get the soreness out before tryouts.

COST: $100 and checks can be made out to "Titan Girls Volleyball Boosters"

To participate in the camp you will need to:

  1. pre-register by filling out and submitting the "2021 Pre-Season Camp Registration" form electronically

  2. sign-up to become an AAU member and link to our Titan Girls Volleyball Club**

  3. ​mail-in the mandatory waiver:

    • Camp Registration & Waiver Release

  4. ​mail-in a check payable to "Titan Girls Volleyball Boosters" for $100

Mail Both the Registration/Waiver & Check To:

Titan Girls Volleyball Boosters

P.O. Box 1863

Poway, CA 92074

Once all of the 4 steps above have been finalized and we have received all items/information/paperwork/payment, we will send an email confirmation to each player that they have reserved a spot in the camp.


** Directions to sign-up for the AAU membership:


  1. go to the following website: AAU Membership

  2. click on the "Get a Membership" link

  3. then select "Youth Athlete Membership"

  4. on the next page, fill-out the appropriate information

  • Sport = Volleyball

  • Coverage = Regular ($14)

  • Term = Current Membership Year

  • click "Yes" as a member of a club

  • enter the Club CodeWY8DT5 and click "Find Club" to link the membership to our "Titan Girls Volleyball Club" (make sure to do this 2nd step to ensure you are linked to our club)

  • then fill-in the "Who Are You Registering" info

  • click on "I understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed"

  • fill-in the first and last name of the athlete and hit "continue"

  • from there you will be directed to pay the $14 membership fee


After you have signed-up, that is all you need to do through AAUs. We will see you are registered on our end.


2021 Pre-Season Camp Registration

To begin the registration process, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Below are the players who have finalized their pre-registration for camp. We have received all of their required items/information and their spots are reserved.