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2024 Fall Tryouts

Friday, August 2 thru Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Anyone who wishes to participate in our program during our 2024 season MUST attend during these scheduled tryout dates:

  1. Friday, August 2

  2. Saturday, August 3

  3. Monday, August 5

  4. Tuesday, August 6

All Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be trying out for JV and Varsity on the dates mentioned above. During tryouts, there will be conditioning testing*, skills assessments, and evaluations regarding effort and attitude of all players trying out.

*Click here to view the specifics on minimum requirements for the JV/Varsity conditioning testing.

JV Team: players will be selected based on their potential to develop into Varsity-level players - including, but not limited to, skill proficiency, ability to be a team player, attitude, work ethic, and coachability.


Varsity Team: players will be selected based on skill proficiency, volleyball IQ, versatility, ability to be a team player, attitude, work ethic, coachability, and team dynamics.

All incoming Freshmen will have a separate tryout during the dates mentioned above. Upon coach request, some players may be asked to come attend our returners’ tryouts if we would like to see them compete at a higher level.​ There is no conditioning testing at these Freshmen tryouts.

Freshmen Team: players will be selected based on their potential to develop into competitive volleyball players - including, but not limited to, athleticism, attitude, work ethic, and coachability.


The first round of cuts will be made after Saturday's tryout. We will post on our website player's numbers for those players who are invited back to continue the tryout process the following Monday. The next round of cuts will be on Monday (using the same online method) and if a player makes the program, she will be informed of which team she is on (either Freshmen, JV, or Varsity) when rosters are posted online at the end of the final tryout on Tuesday.


All players who wish to tryout must complete the following steps before June 7, 2024:

  1. register specifically with our program electronically by filling out, and submitting, the "2024 Tryout Registration" form (found on this webpage)

  2. visit Poway High School's Athletic Clearance page to follow specific instructions on how to get cleared before the first day of tryouts

  3. print out/fill out the required Athletic Clearance forms and take them to get a physical

    • Physicals are usually done through a player's primary care physician, BUT if that cannot be done, other options can be through CVS or by contacting Dr. Weiderrich (who is a Chiropractor here in Poway) that charges $25 for a physical. You may contact Dr. Weiderrich's office at 858-748-4343.

  4. once cleared by a doctor to participate in any physical activity, turn-in the forms to Poway's Athletic Office and sign-up on before June 7th.

  5. you will receive an email once your information and documents have been verified notifying you that the student-athlete has been cleared to participate in high school athletics​​ (you may also view the status by visiting and logging in to the website)​​​




2024 Tryout Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Expectations for PLAYERS in our program are:

  • for each player to be present EVERYDAY at every practice, match, tournament, and program bonding activity throughout the entirety of the season (5 days a week Monday-Friday with the occasional Saturday tournament)

    1. Freshmen Practice: TBD

    2. JV Practice After School: TBD

    3. Varsity Practice After School: TBD

  • to attend school, be on time to classes, and receive Cs or higher in their classes

  • to communicate directly with their coach

  • be positive and supportive teammates

Expectations for PARENTS in our program are:

  • attend the program's parent meeting

  • sign-up for, and commit to, one "job" each season that assists in running the program smoothly

  • ensuring their daughter attends every practice, match, tournament, and program bonding event for the entirety of the season

  • participate in the program's one fundraising campaign each season

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