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Grades Policy for Program

Dear Players & Parents:

As a student-athlete, players are held to a higher standard both on the court and in the classroom. Citizenship, punctuality, and participation are all important qualities we expect our players to embody and our program takes pride in our high academic standards. We push all players to prioritize their studies and try and assist any players who have academic struggles. We find that often times, players just need some extra help in fully comprehending the content and extra time devoted to receiving additional instruction and/or having alternative explanations can often do the trick.


Upon accepting a spot in our program, each player is mandated to uphold our program’s grades policy for the entire school year (or as long as they are a member of our program). The policy is as follows:

  • The program will check each individual player’s grades at each grading period throughout the school year (with the first check being at the initial 6-week grading period of Fall Semester).

  • Any player who has a "D" or an "F" in any class, will be mandated to either go to tutorial 2x per week OR see a tutor 2x per week until that grade is raised to at least a "C". 

  • Each player whom this pertains to will be held responsible in retrieving either a teacher or tutor signature displaying that player attended tutorial or tutoring each week for both days and it will be the player's responsibility to bring Coach Ambort those signatures each and every week until their grade is raised. Once they have a "C" or higher, they will no longer be mandated to attend tutorial or see a tutor.

  • If a player has a “D” or “F” and does not provide the proof of attending tutorial or tutoring, then that player will be suspended from a practice for each tutoring/tutorial day missed. If we are not in season, those consequences will carry over in to the following season effective immediately at the first practice once tryouts are done.


The above-mentioned procedures have been put in place to ensure that our program continues to hold its “in-class” tradition. We are not just a talented team on the court, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard within the classroom and community. However, this policy is going to be irrelevant to most players in the program as a majority of our program maintains a 3.0 or higher with no "Ds" or "Fs" but we are trying to ensure ALL our student-athletes prioritize their studies and receive the appropriate help they need, if necessary, to have all passing grades. So if anyone needs suggestions for tutors or anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We have some great resources on campus, as well as within the community.

Thank you in advance for your support of our program's priorities and standards. You can contact Coach Ambort any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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