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Mission Bay Aquatics Kayaking

Dear Players & Parents:

This year we are participating again in the program-wide bonding event at the Mission Bay Aquatics Center (MBAC). This Moonlight Kayaking “Experience Event” is an attempt to have players from all 3 of our teams (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) interact in a fun activity together and start getting to know each other right off the bat. The “bonding” is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th from 6pm-10pm and will be of no cost for any of our athletes (the program will be paying for each player and coach to participate). This event will run as follows:

  • 6pm-7pm: this time will be spent in their park area where all of us can eat and mingle on land. The program will provide pizza and water to everyone.

  • 7pm-10pm: MBAC instructors will educate all participants in a short skills session and then everyone will partner up and launch onto the water. (No prior paddling experience is necessary in order to participate.)

A few notes of importance about the event directly from the MBAC:

* “All participants will be required to sign a waiver to participate. Participants under the age of 18 will need the signature of their parent. We cannot accept verbal authorization or substitute signatures from family members or acquaintances so it will be important that if a participant under the age of 18 will be attending without their parent, that they get the waiver signed in advance and bring it on the day of the event.”

  • You can find the waiver here. Please fill out both sides of the waiver and sign and date in all 3 designated spots. The waiver will be collected by the coaches the day before the event and we will turn in all waivers together as a program.

* “Due to circumstances out of our control, parking can be a real challenge on Santa Clara Point. We have tried to book your event during a lower peak time where more parking will be available, however, on a nice sunny day parking can still be difficult. Please advise your participants to carpool and use the alternate parking map that can be downloaded from when looking for parking. Please advise them to not park illegally in the red zone, handicap spots, or in the attached trailer parking or they will likely be ticketed.”

So what do the girls need to bring with them the day of the event?

  1. If they forget to turn in their waiver to their coach, they will need to have their signed waiver with them in order to participate.

  2. A change of clothes for after paddling (clothes may get damp while out on the boats).

We look forward to having each player participate in this fun program-wide experience! If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the MBAC or Breezy Ambort.


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