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First off, i'd like to say either welcome to the newbies on the team or welcome back to those who are returning!

We will be sending out an email attaching team contact info soon. Everyone please take a look and make sure the info we have is correct. And then will you please respond to the email either confirming your info is correct or not? Once we have a finalized sheet we will re-send out an accurate electronic version to everyone again. Thanks for your cooperation!

Also, to reiterate the "plan" for tomorrow, Saturday, August 6. We are meeting at the Mission Bay Aquatics Center by 6pm. We were not able to have a bus take all the players down, so the girls are on their own in getting down there. The fewer cars that go down there the better because there is limited parking. So please carpool! If parents are driving and want to stay down there and mingle with one another, there is a picnic area so that you don't have to drive back and forth. We are eating on land from 6-7 and then getting "instructions" from the MBAC so won't even get on the water until sunset-ish. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Breezy.

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