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Fall Sports Postponed until December

The State CIF published their sports calendar for the 2020-2021 year. You can view that here: State CIF Season Calendar

They did not provide specific start times, only the end dates (i.e. for section and state playoff dates). They are leaving it up to each section to decide on their own section master calendar with start dates, league plans, etc.

It sounds like our San Diego CIF section (CIFSDS) is going to stick to the State's calendar but won't provide our section calendar for a couple of more weeks (hopefully by Aug. 14 they said), which will provide a specific start date. But it will most likely be somewhere in mid-December for us.

So here is the bottom line in a nutshell. We are not starting in August but will be pushed back to a mid-December through end of February/early March season. That means our camp that was scheduled to take place next week will not make sense to still have with the season being pushed so far back in to the year. So we will be cancelling the camp for next week and taking it off our schedule. Once we have more specifics from CIFSDS on season start dates, we will try and re-schedule camp. For all those who have pre-registered, the program will be sending out a separate email detailing what will happen regarding voiding of your checks, etc. Nothing has been cashed/deposited though. Don't worry.

The positive sign is they are still trying to hold high school sports if/when it is safe to do so. We are grateful they haven't just cancelled Fall sports and given up. Those in Spring sports last year were not as lucky. So at least we have that - some hope.

Once CIFSDS has released our county's sports calendar (hopefully by Aug. 14ish), then our coaching staff will re-plan our season and communicate and post the new info (i.e tryout dates, game schedule, etc.). Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Stay tuned everyone...

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