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2021 Tryouts: August 2-August 5

Anyone who wishes to participate in our program during our 2021 season MUST attend these scheduled tryout dates:

All Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will tryout for JV and Varsity at 8:00am-11:00am all 4 days. During tryouts, there will be conditioning testing*, skills assessments and evaluations regarding effort and attitude of all players trying out.

*Click here to view the specifics on minimum requirements for the JV/Varsity conditioning testing.

All incoming Freshman will have a separate tryout from 11:30am-1:30pm all 4 days. Upon coach request, some players may be asked to come attend our returners’ tryouts if we would like to see them compete at a higher level.

If a player makes the program, she will be informed of which team she is on (either Freshman, JV, or Varsity) before the end of the final tryout on Thursday. Some players may be notified of which team they have made before the final day of tryouts and some players may be cut before the final day of tryouts.

Please make sure all players who wish to tryout complete the following procedure:

  1. register electronically by filling out and submitting the "2021 Tryout Registration" form

  2. fill out the ticket-to-play forms and be cleared by a doctor to participate in physical activity

  3. bring your ticket-to-play forms in to the Athletic Office (in the Admin building at the front of the school) and hand them to the athletic secretary, Mrs. Christina Fuentes. If all of your forms are filled-out correctly, Mrs. Fuentes will hand the player a "ticket-to-play" which the player needs to keep until she checks in at the first day of tryouts

    • the Athletic Office is now open and accepting paperwork to receive player's tickets-to-play until June 18th (the last day of school)

    • the Athletic Office will then open up again starting Monday, July 26 to hand out tickets-to-play again before the August 2 start date of tryouts ​​​​

Players will hand Coach Ambort their "ticket-to-play" during check-in on the first day of tryouts on August 2nd.


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